Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things I Couldn't Do With My Right Hand Last Week That I Can Do Now

Pick up my coffee travel mug without my wrist turning completely in.

Hold a chart at work.

Put toothpaste on a toothbrush.

Light a cigarette.

Open a yogurt.

Pick up the carton of almond milk.

Hold a pair of drum sticks and motion my hand across a kit and hit everything without dropping the stick and my wrist turning completely in (or so we'll assume when I play Steven's kit tonight). I've been practicing at home with my sticks.

Pick up the sugar bowl without almost dropping it.

Pick up the teapot.

Press the on button of my cell phone.

Staple something together.

All attributed to the chiropractic treatments of Dr. Randy Kertz (visit for rockin' information). He's a bassist and understands stupid musician injuries. He promised he'd pull out every trick in the book to get my hand in drumming shape by this Friday.

The acupuncture yesterday was a miracle. It was cool and spooky and fucking worked. It's way better than any other needles I've had in my arms. I can't recommend it enough. Snapped this picture w/my left hand while my right arm was being treated. The only downside? He hit the nerve in my funny bone placing the needle in my right elbow. He said give him $100 and he'd never be able to hit that nerve again. Way to go, Randy.

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